Kevin, I just finished watching the Disabilities ERG launch video and I could not be more impressed. Your story and your commitment to overcome challenges was so motivating. Additionally, your message to NM and the people you work with was so powerful. It clearly touched everyone in a manner that very few could do. Thank you for sharing your story and representing NM in such an incredible manner. We are very blessed to have you on our team.

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Blaise Beaulier

Northwestern Mutual VP Enterprise Project & Support

I can’t say enough about the great job you did giving your speech. I was so inspired by your message and your delivery was superb! I know you touched everyone that heard you. I also appreciate how you gave recognition to God. It’s clear that you have a strong faith and that HE is working out His will in your life. What a powerful witness you are!

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Jeff Lueken

Northwestern Mutual Senior VP Investments – Executive Sponsor Disability Alliance ERG

I have been following Kevin’s speaking career for over a year since he addressed the Mequon Sunrise Rotary Club, of which I am an officer. My wife and I have driven to see Kevin present at regional speech contests for Toastmasters throughout Wisconsin. Kevin’s recent speech to my clients will be etched upon my mind as one of the best presentations I have ever seen in my life. Kevin has a special gift and through his story he will pass on lessons he has learned about humility, anger, passion, perseverance, and learning to be true to oneself. At the end of Kevin’s event, there was a line that formed to see him as if he were a famous celebrity. It was at that point that I realized how magnificent Kevin really is!

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Daniel T. O’Connor

RBC Dain Rauscher Financial Consultant

In short, Kevin is a skilled speaker, a leader, and a risk-taker. His motivational and informative speech showed open-mindedness, humility, kindness, and talent. His manner of spreading his message left all in the audience changed. Kevin’s message is invaluable.

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Maureen W. Keyes, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Students were riveted to him and his message which is really saying a lot about the topic as well as his presentation skills. If you are at all familiar with middle school students you will appreciate the difficulty of keeping them interested for 50 minutes as Kevin did. I have seen a definite change in attitudes of my graduating senior students since meeting and listening to Kevin. They are definitely giving more thought to their future, post high school period. The information he provided in his presentation was not only informing but also motivational. I believe it gave them the push they needed to see themselves as having the ability to succeed post graduation. Students told me they were very happy to hear a blind adult tell other students there was “nothing wrong” with them and they should be treated just as any other peer.

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Chris Lukasavige, teacher of vision impaired

Racine Unified School District, Special Education Department, Brown Diagnostic Center

Kevin’s presentation rings true for all of us whether it is a physical, emotional, or attitudinal brick that keeps us from action. Our audience at the Youth Leadership Forum was diverse with young people, legislators, businessmen and businesswomen. Each person that I talked with after the event stated that they had thought about a personal experience of their own during Kevin’s presentation and could relate to his message and suggestions for personal change. Kevin’s presentations are motivational, humorous, and just plain cool as he talks about his career in racing speedboats.

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Brenda Oswald

State of Wyoming Executive Director of Governor’s Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities

We had more than 200 people present at this event. The audience found his presentation to be very inspirational and motivational. Kevin found a unique way of connecting with everyone in the room. He made a great impact on people’s vision. He spoke of how to overcome objectives and how to approach challenges with excitement.

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Brad P. Seitzinger, CLU, ChFC,

Northwestern Mutual Managing Partner Detroit network office