Meet Kevin

Kevin S. Meyers

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Honestly, I would rather stand in front of a group of 1,000 people to speak than write about myself. People have told me to start, I should find one word that best describes me as a motivational speaker. Relatable is the first that comes to mind. My story is told on the pages of my website but it is the people that I speak to that are the real story. Countless times they have come up to me after I speak to tell me about their own experiences, comparing them to my own and thanking me for reinvigorating them to deal with their problems or just giving them the renewed goal of doing something better with their lives.

I know I am supposed to write about my accident, losing my eyesight, and my achievements like graduating from MSOE but the real me is the person that enjoys giving to others something that enriches their lives. I never realized this until I lost my sight so, and I understand this may sound corny, I actually mean it when I say, “I lost my sight in order to see.”